Media Coverage,  Videos and a Fox News Story on Firearms Destruction

Gunbusters USA 10,000th gun destroyed. For news story click here.

Where do seized guns go to die? For news story click here.

If you are an agency that has had our services done and need the video codec to play the videos please click on the Microsoft link below to download.

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Video of firearms being destroyed by pulverization method.

The safe and legal way to firearms destruction.

   Below are examples of our destruction in the bins. 

     Plastics                               BB Guns                   Computer Hard Drives         Steel Remnants          Knives, Swords, etc.  

Gulf Coast Gunbusters Firearms Destruction

KTVI - Fox 2 St. Louis visits GunBustersUSA to learn about their firearms destruction process. This is a great Fox News Story and more media coverage to come.