The firearms destruction recording portion of the GunBusters® Firearms Pulverizer Program allows agencies to maintain the chain of custody for the destruction of their confiscated and surrendered firearms, computer hard drives, license plates and other evidence which helps to mitigate the headaches of inventory control. The system has two high-resolution cameras that capture the serial number of each firearm and its total destruction. The video recording provides positive proof of destruction, including the operator and witness names, the serial, inventory and evidence numbers and the exact time of pulverization; all searchable by the agency.

GunBusters licensed service providers can supply the agency with a DVD containing individual videos documenting the destruction of each firearm. The system is designed to fully integrate with the provider’s ATF “bound book”, documenting the service providers acquisition and disposition of each firearm. As the firearm is pulverized, the ATF records are annotated to reflect the date and time of destruction of each firearm.

Gunbusters' Evidence & Firearms Destruction Recording Program

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