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Gulf Coast Gunbusters Firearms Destruction


We have just surpassed over 28,000 firearms destroyed and 128+ agencies!

Hard Drives:

Department surplus or evidence, ensure your data is destroyed



Firearms Destruction and Gun Destruction and Evidence destruction

Cell Phones:

Don't let department data be exposed. Secure Evidence destruction

Well we have gone over 24,000 guns destroyed in 6 years. Here is an interesting fact!! For us, the so called "assault weapons" to be in 223 or 7.62x39 calibers only account for a measly 2.9% (710 guns) of guns that were destroyed. So that means that 23,300 guns were other than "assault weapons" that were used in crimes. Just a little FYI info.

Computer Hard Drive Destruction



BB / Pellet Guns: Evidence destruction thru the same pulverizer as we use for Firearms disposal

Get rid of the nuisance items and fake gun look-a-likes thru our patented Evidence destruction process

Firearms: Evidence destruction with videos

Verify the individual Firearms destruction



The GunBusters Firearms Pulverizer is designed for use with one operator and witness. In a few seconds, the firearms destruction, computer hard drive destruction, and evidence destruction or other items of evidence are permanently destroyed; the process couldn't be simpler, more thorough and completely accountable.


Reduce liability of sharp blades in evidence rooms

On our site you will learn about firearms destruction, evidence destruction, gun destruction and our video recording program. We will attempt to answer all questions regarding How to destroy a gun or in other words how to destroy a firearm. we will legally destroy firearm utilizing our firearms destruction programs that are ATF approved.

The ATF approved pulverization process eliminates theft and loss of firearms during the destruction process, with computerized video recording of each gun destruction, linked to the agency’s property and evidence management system.

Secure Firearms Destruciton
Simple Firearms Destruction

No more smashing firearms with a sledge hammer, cutting with a saw or dumping them in a furnace or car shredder; the GunBusters Firearms Pulverizer keeps the entire process contained in the safe confines of the machine. Eliminating the safety hazard to your officers